Country holds 4th national prayers seeking for God’s intervention to protect Uganda

On Thursday the president announced for a national public holiday to make way for prayers in order to seek God’s intervention.

Pastor Sserwadda animating mass at StateHouse Entebbe

The 4th national prayers led by the main celebrant Apostle Joseph Sserwadda at StateHouse Entebbe focused on paring for those who lost thier lived ones and for the healing of the country against covid19 that has taken more than 700 lives.

The prayers which were linked online for other religious leaders to participate included pastor Robert Kayanja, Uganda Muslim supreme council, Lubaga cathedral,  Uganda orthodox church , inter religious council among other religious members.

Archbishop Stephen Kazimba Mugalu prayed for the medics who are battling to fight the virus killing those who got contaminated while Father Mayanja from Lubaga prayed for the bereaved and pastor Robert Kayanja prayed for healing of the nation.

In attendance was the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the first lady , the Deputy speaker of parliament and the prime minister Rt. Hon Robina Nabbanja


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