“Pulosesi by Pulosesi Joan Was Never My Maid But My Real Girlfriend”- Ssematimba Defends Self

City pastor and former politician Peter ‘Ki Kati’ Ssematimba has come out and defended himself about allegations of chewing his Housemaid Joan Namatovu, he says she was never a maid but rather his own Girlfriend after his wife flew out.

Ssematimba claims that all Namatovu is saying are all total lies aimed at tarnishing his name and Image as a respectable man of God.Apparently, the two were dating and she moved into his house during the mid 2000’s, a short while after his wife and family had gone to settle in the U.S.

They [him & her] decided that she moves into his home & she disguises as a maid so that questions do not arise from the public and family members that Peter had married another woman just shortly after his wife & family had flown to settle in the U.S. But in reality, she was never a maid.

No One Is Supposed To Criticize Peter Sematimba For What He Did-Catherine Kusasira | News24 Uganda

However, their relationship hit a snag after some time and they separated. She was pregnant at this point. Peter took care of her and kept paying all her bills and the baby needs; including food and housing.

The lady is now using the “I was his housemaid” card just to win public sympathy and to tarnish his image. Bkoz she knows very well that when you are ‘fighting’ with a person in the stature of Peter Ssematimba, all you have to do is to contaminate his reputation and paint a different [bad] picture of him to the public.

But the lady very well knows that she was never his maid. She was his ‘shadow’ girlfriend whom he agreed with to move into his home after his family had left. Because Peter wouldn’t handle the house chores plus sorting his laundry given his busy official rosters.

“The man of God has never slept with any maid. And the stories of ‘Nkutaako mu Mugongo Process by Process” are all falsified to make a steady flow of her ‘I was his maid’ claims.”– a source revealed to us.


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