Govt to give Ugandans relief via mobile money or vouchers- prime minister Nabbanja

Following the recent lockdown set by the president on 18th June this year, the office of the prime minister heard by minister designate Robina Nabbanja together with her committee has set up a relief plan for “vulnerable groups” to receive support from government and unlike last year where material support in terms of posho and beans was given, this time round money will be given to individuals.

Speaking at the office of the prime minister in Kampala, Nabbanja said that this move is aimed at helping individual groups get help other than in the past where families received help leaving some of them missing.

Nabbanja however appealed to the local government not to miss use the funds and send them to those in need.

The premier however noted that health workers on the frontline battling the virus have not been paid for the past few months but the Government is working upon it.

Commenting on Nabbanja’s remarks, Hon. Mubarak munyagwa the former kawempe legislator said that it is absurd for government not to pay frontline workers.

However he thanked the move by government to give money to people rather than food


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