Ugandans Suffer Second Covid-19 Total Lockdown For 42 Days, After President Museveni Heartlessly Ordered A Nation Wide Lockdown Due To Increased Covid-19 Deaths.

President Museveni ordered a total lockdown during yesterday’s 8pm Nation Address due to the increased number of Covid-19 infections and deaths, not forgeting the shortage of oxygen and health care facilities to treat the deadly disease at the moment.

Here are the key points from his speech. No movement of public transport; car, boda boda and private vehicles for 42 days. Curfew time throughout the country is pulled back to 7pm – 5:30am.

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Below is the full list of all the new directives by Museveni:

1. Public and private vehicles & bodaboda suspended for 42 days. Will only move to transport patients with permission from LCI, RDC or Health Work.

2. Bodaboda can carry merchandise)cargo.

3. Curfew from 19:00 hours (7pm) – 05:30hours (5:30am)

4. Bodaboda allowed to move up to 5:00pm.

5. Ministry of Local Gvnt and Ministry of Finace to support regional, and District Task Forces.

6. Entebbe International Airport to remain open.

7. Cargo vehicles allowed to move – will only be tested. They should not pack in trading centres. Shld park in seclusion centres.

8. Food market venders to camp in their places of work/markets (resident vendors). MoH to give them free bed nets.

9. Kikubo and other business centres should be closed.

10. Burials – to be restricted to only core family members of the deceased (as applied in the military)

11. Bars, discos, cinema halls to close.

12. All sectors (other than those mentioned) to be suspended for 42 days.

13. Staff in non core ministries to reduce to 10%.

14. Factories to remain open, where possible, workers housed at place of work for 42 days.

15. Places of workshop and sports events remain suspended for 42 days.

16. All education institutions to remain closed for 42 days.

17. Retail shops should remain open.


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