Looking For A Man To Bonk Her During This Lockdown, Sheebah Intentionally Displays Her Fat Hairy Meat And Juicy MaBeans.

As Ugandans continue mocking her for not having a man at 35 years, and others accusing her of being a sumbie eater-lesbian, Sheebah Karungi has left Kampala men wishing and begging to taste her fat sumbie.

This was after she shared explict photos of her rocking her gym wear with her pussy showing all boundaries and the rift valley to her hairy meat.Sheebah Flashes her 20 Kg Sumbie, Causes Scrotal Eruption Among Horny Men on Social Media | Celeb Patrol UG

Though some fans accused her of being a VIP prostitute, others were happy to mastarbate while looking at the shape of her vigina.

Unapologetic and bold, Sheebah asked those who find her photos indecent to unfollow her on social media.


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