“Stop Accusing Of Smoking Weed And Being HIV Positive, Or Else I Will Mess You Up.” Gift Ov Kaddo Roars.

Former GoodLyfe singer Gift ov Kaddo set the record straight when he openly revealed to the public that he is healthy, not battling drugs and frustration as some critics had earlier reported.

The “Traffic Man Officer” singer cleared the air while on NBS TV after being questioned on whether he is indeed struggling.

If you can't write music, leave – Gift of Kado – PML Daily

In a quick response, Gift ov Kaddo noted that he has never ever been checked into rehab. He said that he is very healthy and HIV negative having last tested two months ago.

Gift ov Kaddo also dared those who doubt his HIV status to bring a doctor on set and carry out the HIV test live on camera to clear the rumors that could be circulating claiming he is positive.

“No no, I am not battling drugs whatsoever, If am in my zone, am in my zone. There is no any frustration my brother. I am healthy. I have no HIV in my blood and Covid-19 negative as well. I last tested two months ago and even if you bring a doctor to test now, am ready. You can bring it on. You can even ask Nina Roz, she came with her who counsel people battling drugs to check on me.” Gift ov Kaddo


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