Go get vaccinated – katikkiro urges public and advises against advise from annonimus sources

The katikkiro of Buganda Oweekitibwa Charles Peter Mayiga has called upon the public to get vaccinated against covid19 and disregard claims saying the vaccine is meant to kill people.

While appearing at Mengo with other Kingdom ministers to get his second covid jab, the premier advised the public to pick a leaf from previous leaders who took the jab.

“you have witnessed different leaders taking the jab. You saw the president, you saw the Kabaka and Nabagereka…you saw me here taking the jab. Am going to take my second jab.” The katikkiro said.

“I urge you to follow examples set by leaders.” He added.

Katikkiro Mayiga warned those getting advise from annonimus persons from the Internet to stop it and follow official communications.

“Covid vaccine is not harmful to our health and I urge you to go get vaccinated”. The premier said.

The country has had its worst wave of the virus leaving thousands infected rapidly and more deaths compared to the first wave.

According to a speech by the president of Uganda during an address to the public on covid, the most vulnerable people were youth between the age of 18-30. This led to closure of schools and other public gatherings in order to prevent the rapid spread of the virus.

The country is facing a shortage of covid 19 vaccines since india that was the supplier had a surge in the infections


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