Nakyambadde’s Story Of How Kiddawalime Asked Her To Remove Her Knicker And Took Photos Of Her Sumbie.

President Museveni on Sunday invited Resty Nakyambadde, a Special Forces Command (SFC) nurse, to show how security forces defeated a machete-wielding gang.

The President, in a calculation to let an ordinary citizen assure peers, invited Nakyambadde, a former nurse in greater Masaka area (now Special Forces nurse) to show security forces overpowering criminals on the 2018 New Year’s eve. Nakyambadde narrates how Kidawalime wanted to chew her

Nakyambadde highlighted the events that unfolded during her encounter with Kiddawalime, a notorious rapist and robber.

During the state of the nation address, the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni invited Nakyambadde who narrated a story of how she was attacked by a man identified as Kiddawalime who broke into her house and asked her to remove her knicker.

Narrating the story, Nakyambadde narrates how she went to her daughter Susan’s bedroom after seeing a touch outside, she called for help but no one helped so she started calling her neighbors.Kiddawalime made me remove my knicker, says SFC nurse Nakyambadde – edge.ugShouting out for help, Nakyambadde states that men broke into her house and she threw out her phone as men who had broken in were asking her for money, she gave them only 25k but they refused until they took her to her bedroom.

Nakyambadde continues that Kiddawalime took all the money and left, a few moments later he returned and broke the door again, he asked her to stand up and he took her pictures.FULL VIDEO: Museveni's Nakyambade speaks out on how Kiddawalime almost  'bonked' her to mash – Boom UG

By the time, she went outside, Kiddawalime had already been arrested by security forces.

Ugandans have since criticized the story as cooked and orchestrated to divert attention from the assassination attempt on Gen Katumba Wamala.

Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, said: “It was a gambled-up speech, and eventually the focus turned to Nakyambadde and Kalungu. The whole thing turned into mockery.”


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