“I Really Pity The Man Who Will Risk His Life By Impregnanting Hopeless Diana Nabatanzi. He Will Be A Hero, Coz She’s Greedy, Rude And A Thief!” Lwasa Continues To Haunt Nabatanzi Like Omuzimu ‘Gwa Nankya’.

It seems like Masaka city businessman Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi is not over his ex-lover TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi after he shared a video of them that was recorded during their heydays.

In the video, Nabatanzi is seen shying away from the camera as they both giggle and laugh while walking. While appearing on Spark TV, Lwasa explained why he shared the video on his socials noting that he doesn’t miss her but rather is exposing her.

Diana Nabatanzi tells why ex-lover tycoon Lwasa should take all his children for DNA tests - The Pearl Times

“I was reminiscing about the things that have happened to me along the way and I was amused. It got me wondering if I was under a spell. I just stumbled on the video on my phone and I posted it. I just wanted to send out a message to men out there on how we are heroes because maintaining such a woman monthly is not easy, I think it is easier to take care of a family for two years than maintain her for a month,” he said. He further added that “I was in a good mood, I got my phone to take a video, but a thief will always be a thief you can never catch them, they fear cameras.” He added.

BBS Telefayina presenter Diana Nabatanzi declined to give birth and dumped Masaka businessman Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi, his life has never been the same.

Lwasa shared a video on his social media platforms while on a trip in Dubai as Diana Nabatanzi shied away from his video recording fearing to be seen by the public together.

“I no longer have feelings for Diana Nabatanzi because I got married to a person who is not a thief like her.

I wish you guys could get Diana Nabatanzi a person to marry her. I wish her a happy marriage.

Does Daina get pregnant? I want a hero like me to impregnant her.“- he stated.

It is said that the two met during a TV interview and decided to take their relationship ahead. According to Lwasa they broke up when Nabatanzi failed to give birth for him.

Lwasa shortly after the breakup and got married to Angel Kawunda.


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