Embattled DJ Bush Baby In Dare Need Of Shs15M For Surgery Following Near Death Fatal Accident.

J Bush Baby, real name Michael Benjamin Owor, is in need of Shs 15 million for a surgical operation following a near-fatal accident he faced in April 2021.

As we reported over a month ago, DJ Bush Baby was involved in a road accident that left him with serious injuries on 14th April, 2021.

DJ Bushbaby survives horrid accident | Kampala Sun

He was advised to take months off work to allow time to recover from the sustained injuries. Initially, it didn’t seem serious until recently.

The medical personnel alerted him of how the accident injuries damaged some vital internal organs in his abdomen.

“Today I went through a near-fatal accident. I sustained fractured hip bones. Raptured some vital internal organs. Physicians are monitoring my situation. Am stable for now pending possible surgery. I am under medical instructions to avoid intensive activities for 8 weeks.” said then a rather weak DJ Bush.

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Through a video accessed by this website on Friday afternoon, the legendary deejay and media personality will need to undergo a serious surgical operation.

“I recently went through a near-fatal accident that left me with a fractured left hip. I’ve been consulting with medical experts who have now confirmed to me that I actually injured some vital internal organs that are not enabling me to function as normal,” notes DJ Bush Baby.

The visibly weak DJ Bush Baby asks whoever can to help him in a fundraiser aimed at raising Shs 15,000,000 which will foot the bills for the surgery.

I appeal to you to support me financially with whatever you can. We are targeting to raising 15 million shillings to have this process… Kindly stand with me, thank you and God bless you. DJ Bush Baby

In February 2018, Bush Baby called it a day at Urban TV where he was working as the the Content Manager – Entertainment in the Broadcast Department since February 2014.

His next step was rumored to be a personal consultation firm which he was to set up and continue spreading his knowledge to the media industry.

That, however, shall have to wait as it might take longer as he goes through the surgery and recovery process. We wish him well!


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