Photos: How Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie is chewing Geosteady’s ex-girlfriend Prima Kadarshi in Dubai

By Website Writer; Love is at its best for 100.2 Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie and singer Geosteady’s baby mama, Prima Kadarshi.

Mr. Henrie and Prima Kadarshi

The new couple is currently having a lavish gateway in Dubai amidst all sorts of criticism on social media.

However, Mr. Henrie and Prima prove unbothered by tormentors as they shade their social media with romantic photos of their Dubai picnic.

Rumors about Mr. Henrie and Prima’s secret b0nking sprout out towards the end of 2020.

This was a few months after Prima was reported to have had a fight with hubby Geosteady, leading to their breakup.

See their romantic moments here:

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