“Diana Nabatanzi Was A Slut And A Shameless Whore, Who Stole My Money But Refused To Take Even A Selfie With Me.” Horny Village Tycoon Lwasa Spits More Dirty Secrets.

Masaka tycoon, Lwasa Emannuel is not yet ready to let go of his ex lover, former TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi even basing on the fact that they broke up and he married someone else. He is still exposing their romantic moments together.

Lwasa and Nabatanzi had a secret romance which later became public after their bitter breakup. Although Nabatanzi has since decided to remain tight lipped about the whole matter, heart broken Lwasa has constantly used every chance to throw insults at his her.You are the one with a problem, You failed to make me pregnant - Diana  Nabatanzi fires back at Lwasa – Uganda News, Politics,  Entertainment,Business and Special Reports

And through his Facebook page on Thursday, Lwasa shared a throwback video with Nabatanzi who looked very uncomfortable and ashamed to be seen with the businessman. Hee captioned the video saying that he’s a martyr too.

Diana Nabatanzi tells why ex-lover tycoon Lwasa should take all his  children for DNA tests - The Pearl Times

“I am also a martyr. As I took my best friend Diana for a business trip worth millions but couldn’t afford having with me a selfie worth nothing. Men, we are strong. But every man should learn from me that Kampala girls are sluts,” he said.


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