let us average our interests victoria university V.C tells staff during training

With the technological advancement and intense competition in institutions of higher learning skyrocketing, victoria University has set up staff training aimed at equipping staff with better ways of working effectively in the job market.

Mrs. Marry Goretti Katusabe-Ssemwezi the University secretary reminded the staff of the contribution people like Professor Ssenteza Kajubi made in order to make private institutions succeed emphasizing the need for quality in education to compete with over 30 universities in Uganda.

The University Secretary, Mrs. Marry Goretti Katusabe-Ssemwezi chairing a staff training at Victoria University

“When I went to university I don’t think my father had anything to do with me while at university. nobody was asking my father to pay for this pay for that. if anything I had the challenge of spending my vote book. all you had to do is select all the books you want and believe me not that money was too much that you would not finish it. you would start buying books that don’t belong to your course” She reflected on her time at Makerere University.

some of the staff during the training

The acting Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, Dr. Lawrence Muganga cautioned the staff not to work for the sake but to love their work and do it wholeheartedly.

“parents send our children here when they want us to make them do something for themselves, not people who can roam around with knowledge in their head,” he said

the chancellor reminded the staff about the unemployment rates in the county saying that it is not only the lecturers who can help students be “something” but the staff too or else Victoria will be no different from institutions whose focus is to pass students.

The vice Chancellor Dr. Lwarence Muganga listening attentively during the meeting

Dr. Muganga advised the staff to do more than the obvious and accomplish tasks even if they have to spend extra hours

“you board a taxi, you become passive ou sit there your just counted that at some point ‘i was at victoria Univesity’ and you even write it there that ‘the job I did was to photocopy papers, move them in a box to madame U.S and then take them to the senate and then take them to Mr. Lawrence, i did my job’ he said

the participating staff gave their own account of what they go through during planning and attending meetings.

participants making reactions during the meeting

“i planned a meeting and shared the Agenda with the Chairperson of the meeting. when he went astray, one of the members said the one who drafted the meeting should be fired. that taught me to share the agenda with other members to the meeting”. one participant said

another participant said that sending the agenda beforehand to a person he was supposed to meet  over a meeting helped manage time

globally, organizations train staff in order to equip them with better working methods and strengthen the skills employees need to succeed.









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