“Any Man Who Wants To Marry My Daughters, Must Bring Me 5 Big Pigs As Dowry Not Useless Cows.” Kaibanda Confesses.

Veteran comedian and Bukedde Radio presenter Godfrey Seguya popularly known as Kayibanda has warned men off his daughters if they fail to present pigs as dowry.

The “Bukedde Butya” radio presenter is famously known for his too much passion in pig farming and love for pork no wonder he is the brains being the annual Pork Day celebrations countrywide.VIDEO: Kayibanda's Fresh Daddy challenge goes south, comedian ends up under  a giant pig's boobs - Matooke Republic

During an exclusive interview with the President of Gossip Joseph at Sseguya, Kayibanda has revealed how its pathetic for parents to give in their daughters into marriage on irresponsible gifts such as cows and goats as dowry since they are less productive.

According to Kayibanda, any man willing to marry his daughter has to seek his hand in marriage well knowing that he has a number of pigs aside as dowry since they are more productive and profitable.

“My son-in-law should bear it in mind that I don’t entertain cows as dowry caz they are less profitable. If he is ready to marry my daughter, he should seek for a hand in marriage with at least 5 pigs which are in gestation as dowry. Pigs take less time to deliver young ones yet they are profitable,” Kayibanda stated.

Kayibanda among the pioneers of comedy in the country having risen to prominence in the early 2000s. He worked with WBS TV where he used to appear on Straka Mwezi’s ‘Late Show’ and spent close to two decades at CBS radio as a presenter.


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