Congratulations! Pastor Bugingo Graduates In Theology

By Wycliff G;


Today 28th June 2019 is another historical day to remember for Canaan land’s based ‘House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI)’s head ‘Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’.

This morning, Pastor Bugingo has bashed his enemies and critics by successfully complementing his academics corridor with a Certificate in Christian Culture Mentor-ship.

At Kayiwa International University graduation ceremony today morning, Bugingo appeared smartly dressed in a black graduation gown, yellow mortarboard and grey suit beating current odds against him.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo graduates

This achievement is such a huge shock to many as his Canaan Land Church and Salt Media schedules seem overwhelming to balance with such a serious academic program.

At this very ceremony, Bugingo has also been awarded for his huge contribution towards the Pentecostal Church in Uganda.

This comes in at the same time Bugingo is facing public condemnation for forcing his 29year-marriage woman one Teddy Nabiswa into divorce.

Congratulations Pastor Bugingo!


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