I am Lucifer and I destroy careers – Peng Peng brags after ‘sleeping’ with Mama Fiina

Sweden based Ugandan blogger Raymond Soulfa aka Peng Peng has said government should try other tricks to try and lure him from People Power. This after, the latest trick – allegedly using the leader of traditional healers in Uganda, Sophia Namutebi – to corrupt him failed.

Mid this week, social media was awash with a series of video clips of Peng Peng, together with two of his colleagues dancing with a visibly drunk Namutebi, popularly known as Mama Fiina in an apartment in Stockholm, Sweden.

She caresses Peng as they dance to B2C ft Rema’s hit song ‘Gutujja’ and John Blaq’s ‘Tukwatagane’. Mama Fiina claims that she was in Stockholm on behalf of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), a party to which she subscribes.

In one of the video clips, that have since gone viral, a shirtless Peng Peng is seen consoling a crying Mama Fiina.

“Peng Peng, Why? Why talk (sic) too much?” Mama Fiina asks, to which the blogger repeatedly says ‘Please don’t cry. Mummy, don’t cry.’

“Okay Peng,” she says.

In another, Peng Peng and his friend Isima receive countless 100 dollar bills before Mama Fiina proclaims that ‘President Museveni, here are your boys who have been abusing them. I have them.’

A separate video, released shortly after shows ‘a couple’, having sex on a couch in what seems to be the same apartment in which Mama Fiina had been entertaining her male compatriots earlier.

The two figures in the said video have a striking resemblance of Mama Fiina and Peng Peng, which led many to believe the two, after countless glasses of wine, had had sex.

Mama Fiina has since come out to deny that she ever undressed for the blogger.

“Those are all lies. What can Peng do? You people are just peddling rumours,” she told a local TV channel.

Peng however, had a different version, boasting that he had destroyed Mama Fiina with just one masterstroke.

“She came to give me Kitu Kidogo (Bribe) but I ashamed her. I know for sure that the President (Museveni) is angry that his plan failed. She failed the test,” Peng, an ardent People Power social media influencer, says in yet another video clip.

“Let them bring another (person to bribe me). I am called Lucifer. I destroy careers that even your children will ask you 20 years from now ‘what did you ever do to that man?’. My soul is for sale.”

Peng Peng also alleged that Mama Fiina travelled to Stockholm with several casks of pre-opened wines to try and get him drunk and/or poisoned.

“I saw them (casks) all stacked up and I said ‘eh, what is this?’ See I know all their tricks,” he said, before claiming that he still has more videos and data on Mama Fiina that he was willing to share.

“This here is another message. We are past alcohol. Bring more mature people. This plan has failed.”


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