So what if my ka animal is small? I can’t change it – Martha Kay brasts haters

Comedienne Martha Kay Kagimba has fired back at gossipers who have for the past two weeks made the size of her private parts a daily topic on social media. Martha, who recently became a victim of cyber bullying after her nude pictures leaked on social media, allegedly by the boyfriend, said that criticizing the size of her ‘particular’ body part won’t make it bigger.

While speaking on an interview with Spark TV, the social media comedienne lamented that lately people have held social media discussions about her private parts, now that everyone knows almost everything about her nakedness, but she is no longer bothered by these criticisms.

“After social media found out the issues with my body parts, they have always criticized the size of my private parts saying that ‘I am like this’, ‘I am like that.’ People have always had a lot to say about my body and it has actually made me to embrace it because I can’t change my body parts. Now whatever they say doesn’t offend me at all,” Martha said.

From experience, socialite Judith Heard had warned Martha about the social media crudity, she advised her to be alert for people on social media will always bring the topic of her private parts on almost everything that has her name.

“I had comments on Facebook attacking me about my private parts. There is no day I am not remained of my private parts,” Heard stated.

And it seems like Martha is already facing this social media crudity. The Range Rover girl joined the list of fellow female celebrities who have graced the social media with their nude pictures, including, Zari Hassan, Desire Luzinda, Judith Heard, Cindy, Hellen Lukoma among others.

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