UJA boss Kazibwe Bashil detained at Wandegeya police on charges of charged with unlawful assembly

Police in Kampala has on Saturday, June, 22 arrested the President of Uganda Journalist Association (UJA), Mr. Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira who had just returned to Uganda. Mr. Kazibwe returned on Thursday, June 20 following his discharge from a hospital in Nairobi where he was admitted after being poisoned.

Upon his return, UJA as an association decided to organize thanks-giving prayers for their president. The prayers were slated for this Saturday, June 22 but unfortunately, police have disrupted them by firing tear gas among the congregation and arrested Mr. Kazibwe ahead of prayers.

According to Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigire, two other colleagues of Mr. Kazibwe have been arrested.

These have been identified as Juma Lubega and Kifampa Suraje. “They are charged with unlawful assembly avide SD REF 34/22/06/2019 at Wandegeya Police station.” He said

Owoyesigire added that Kazibwe had not informed any authority in line with the Public Order Management Act yet it was a big gathering.

UJA secretary for information had recently said the prayers shall take place on Saturday, June 22, at Katanga playgrounds at 12 pm.

“The President will also use the day to give a full account of what he went going through and to convey his sincere appreciation to Allah and to everyone who stood with him throughout the trying moment,” Kabuye said in a statement.

The UJA boss took to his Facebook page and said, “Dear family, friends and fans, am writing this with a strong mind and spirit whose body has been taken to the edge of death only to be saved by the Master of our Destiny-Allah.”

Mr. Kazibwe also confirmed that he was poisoned.

“It’s been 18 excruciatingly painful days of coming face to face with death itself. The confirmed cause lethal Poisoning. Why? The doers will answer to their Lord,” he retorted in an excerpt from his online post.

He further noted that his doctors in Nairobi advised him to stick to his medication for the next six months, coupled with a physical medical review and re-examination every month.

Mr. Kazibwe has been taken to Wandegeya police station.


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