Kasirye Gwanga explains his next course of action after being bounced by Museveni

No-nonsense retired Major Gen Kasirye Gwanga is at it again, but this time for the ”good”; speaking out on his being thrown out of the State of the nation at Serena Hotel .

Retired major general Kasirye Ggwanga was on Thursday denied access to the conference hall where other dignitaries convened to listen to the president, but surprisingly, he has come out to claim that it was not a big deal and that he is not moved even just a single bit since he missed nothing.

The retired general says he is aware of all the security protocols that have to be followed on such an event and he had to respect them.

“I am a retired officer and I understand the protocols,”Kasirye said as he added that; “I was stopped from entering because I came late. And it is jam that held me.”

“…..but that’s not a big deal,” Kasirye said claiming that he even already knew what Museveni was going to talk about.

“But the next time you call me, let’s talk about agriculture because it is what I am into. Kasirye is a brand that can stand on its own without such stories,” he roared.

Kasirye has carved a niche in life as a notorious person.

Now, recently, when asked ,by the Observer,why he mainly makes headlines for the wrong reasons such as impunity, he interestingly had this to say;

”Hehe…I actually like it that way. As a veteran of many wars, you have to instill a bit of fear whenever you sense looming danger, because if you don’t do that, people can trample on you.”

”You saw what happened to the idiot who wanted to steal my land in Kajjansi [Gwanga actually burnt a grader that had been brought to work on the contested land]…since then no land grabber has ever troubled people in that area. So, for me I prefer to use deterrent methods instead of reconciliatory ways.” He added

”I’m glad you’ve seen the light. People out there ignorantly talk about Kasirye Gwanga but they don’t know the real me. They say; ‘what can he say apart from enjoying his waragi?’ First of all, I have no debt in life, not even Shs 100. Go and tell the world I’m a top-class farmer; a f**king trillionaire.” Kasirye boastfully added.


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