Buganda kingdom hints on backing Bobi wine ahead of 2021 elections

Buganda Kingdom Premier, Charles Peter Mayiga has said that musician turned legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine is a darling to the youth in Uganda but must also consider having a program beyond the drawing crowds

Mayiga is currently in Washington DC, the United States of America where he went to meet members of the Buganda Community from different parts of North America in an annual Buganda convention. When asked about Bobi Wine, he said that he still has work to do despite having the crowds on his sides.

“Bobi Wine is a darling of the young people and you must realize that the current regime has been around for thirty-three years and that’s a long time. Bobi Wine is an artist, to communicate to people through music is very easy,” he said.

Katikkiro added: “It will depend on how he wraps up his package and presents it to the people. The French President is very young. There is a chancellor in Austria that has just resigned and he’s about 32. I think he’s younger than Kyagulanyi. Obama became president at 43. I don’t think its something but what matters is whether he’s readied himself for the job and beyond the support of the youth who are the majority. If he wants to be president, he must have a program beyond the crowds.”

Tasked to make a comment on whether the Buganda Kingdom will support Bobi Wine’s ambitions, Katikkiro said that Buganda doesn’t support or oppose anyone as it also has its own interests as a kingdom.

“Buganda Kingdom doesn’t support or oppose anyone. The Buganda Kingdom has its own interests and we wrap them in five key points. Whoever wants our support should come over and tell us that he’s going to support us. You respect our heritage and the king. We want a federal system of government, we want you to protect our land and borders and we want programs of economic development. We also want the unity of the people and if he supports that, then the people should vote for him,” Mayiga said.

Asked if he (Katikkiro) also has political ambitions, Mayiga said that he doesn’t although people talk about it all the time.

He said that he also just read about it on social media that President Museveni was going to make him his vice president but he has never heard it from it, Museveni. He said that it will certainly not happen now as he has a lot of work that the Kabaka (King) wants him to do.

Yesterday, May 29 marked exactly six years ever since the King handed over to him the instrument of power called “eddamula” in Luganda.


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