NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe set to redo her introduction ceremony

Four months ago, NTV Uganda news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe introduced her Dubai based husband in his absence to her parents in a traditional introduction ceremony commonly known as Kukyala.

Faridah’s husband Dr Omar Ssali was not around in May and was introduced in his absence as he was still held up in Dubai on official work. Not many people understood why Faridah Nakazibwe rushed to introduce her man in his absence but some understood regarding the fact that several other women were being linked to the same man and Faridah needed to mark her territory.

Dr Ssali is back in the country on holiday and the couple is set to redo the introduction ceremony to enable him meet Faridah’s parents officially in person.

The event is slated for this weekend on 25th August 2018 when Ssali will finally meet Faridah’s parents and ask for her hand in marriage officially.

We wish them well!


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