This Country Has More Pressing Issues, Let’s Stop Politicking: Bebe Cool On Bobi Wine’s Current Dilemma

Musician Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has insisted that the country has very many pressing issues which should be discussed and given more attention instead of politics. Even though many of his colleagues in the music industry have come out publicly to stand with Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aias Bobi Wine, who is also his longtime music rival, the Bebe Cool says politics is a cheap and dirty game and it won’t change his mind set of working for his country and helping Ugandans.

“I’m going to continue being silent about Bobi wine until the right time comes, there are so many important issues to discuss about other than the political situation in the country. Let Ugandans learn how to help their country other than spending much of their time talking politics,” Bebe Cool warns.

The Love You Everyday hit maker has today handed over sixty million shillings as part of the money collected from the recent golden heart concert held at Kololo airstrip to help five children from different parts of the country to travel to India for heart operations through his newly launched foundation the Amber Heart Foundation .

Bebel Cool has urged Ugandans to think of what they can do for their country before the government comes in to give a hand.

“Stop thinking about politics only, think about how we can help this Nation Uganda , Ugandans spend a lot of time thinking and talking politics instead of doing something that will help our nation. I have done this through my organisation and I think I have helped my Nation Uganda,” Bebe Cool adds.

Bebe Cool notes that he managed to collect more than five hundred million shillings from his charity concerts and after deducting all expenses, he has given out sixty million shillings to five children with heart complications to travel to India on Sunday and the first operation will be done on Tuesday.

He called upon cooperate companies to give a hand in helping Ugandans especially the needy.

“I’m going to contact my friend the president of the Republic of Uganda Yoweri Museveni to meet the parents of these children so that we continue to pave a way forward on how to collect and clear the balance of these children in case they come back alive.”


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