Journalists Have No Plan Of Overthrowing Government: HRNJ-U Trashes Propaganda Reports That They Want To Help Opposition Overthrow Museveni

The National Coordinator for Human Rights Network for Journalists Uganda (HRNJ-U) Robert Ssempala has trashed a document written by yet unidentified people pinning some of the Journalists on holding a meeting with the opposition to over throw government The document circulating via different media outlets indicates that on 17th of August, at 8pm, a group of Journalists (who are listed in the document) sat at Katonga road at the offices of the former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)  President Kizza Besigye and other opposition leaders to pave a way forward on how they can use the media to overthrow President Yoweri Museveni’s regime.

“Reporting and covering opposition leaders is not a crime, if the journalists committed any crime, let them be taken to court, the media will not be diverted because of some few individuals,” Ssempala says. Ssempala has urged the media owners not to fire the named journalists because there is no proof in this document.

Journalists who covered the Arua Municipality by elections are receiving phone calls from unidentified people warning them to stop covering opposition leaders if they value their lives.

Here is the document…


Impeccable sources have revealed that a deal to use media for change of regime was sealed on 17th of August 2018, 8pm at katonga road offices in Kampala. This night meeting was attended by strategists including: Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Wafula Ogutttu, Chappa Karuhanga,  Kiiza Besigye, Bakandonda and many others.

1. The night meeting resolved that in oder to overthrow the government, all media houses, both local and international.

2. To find a way of repackaging Kiiza Besigye to be accepted by majority opposition leaders and continue leading the Struggle to overthrow the government.

3. Hon. Wafula oguttu promised to contact some personnel in media fraternity to work as conduits and partners. He informed the meeting that he has already in touch with media people who are ready for this project. It was resolved that those media partners should open two Twitter accounts so as to share with international media plants.

4. It was resolved that during the planned riots, those media people will be sharing pictures and videos with both local and international media instantly and will and will cover all demonstrations. Demonstration leaders have been identified and Besigye will be rallying behind whoever gathers many followers. The planned demonstrations are yet to start.

5. Amuriat promised to provide food to the rioters. He also assured the meeting that Doctors had already agreed to give medical treatment to the rioters who will be injured during the deadly riots. The meeting resolved that funds for legal affairs would be channelled to Elias Lukwago.

On Sunday 19th August 2018, a press meeting was held at night, semawatta road and Amuriat Chaired it. Nobert Mao, Nandala Mafabi, Mukasa Mbidde, Dr Ebuku_Chairman Uganda Medical Association, and Patrick Oboi Amuriat. Patrick Amuriat requested UMA to join the Struggle. Mukasa Mbidde indicated that they were ready to co_operate for the Struggle and portrayed Bwanika group as traitors and jokers by giving examples of Bwanika attending the 2006 and 2011 Presidential Swearing Ceremonies.

The document goes on to list the journalists, media houses they work for and their phone numbers.


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