11 Ways To Know He’s In Love With You Or In Lust

Love and lust are two very different concepts which can be very easily confused. It’s even more baffling when you are trying to figure out someone else’s emotions…which we often are, aren’t we?! What is he thinking when he looks at you? Is he trying to undress you in his mind or is he imagining what you’ll look like as his wife?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out with these 11 signs that prove he is in love not lust!

  1. Affection does not necessary lead to sex

He does not expect sex out of every kiss on the cheek or cuddle and enjoys your little intimate moments as much as he would enjoy the wild and sexual ones.

  1. You have conversations outside the bedroom

Yup, it’s not all dirty talk. You have deep and meaningful conversations about almost everything, ranging from that constellation you two saw to what you want to have for dinner. And he is more than curious to know what your opinion is instead of just stating his.

3. His conversations often involve the future…

Those amazing conversations that you have often involve the future. Not just his and your future but the future of both of you together. Do you see amazing things and beautiful experiences and actually discuss what it would be like to live together one day? Yup. That’s definitely not just lust.

4. He already has or wants to introduce you to his friends

He is not keeping you hidden in some mystery box in his life. In fact, quite the contrary, he makes frequent plans to introduce you to the other important parts of his life and connect all the pieces together, whether it is his close friends or family!

5. And he is great around yours!

Your friends love him because he is friendly and does not crib about meeting them. He knows how important they are to you and would do anything to make you happy!

6. He shows you that he is thinking of you when you are not together

It may be a small text or just a simple “I love you” during a busy workday but he makes sure he lets you know that when you are not together that you are being missed!

7. He looks at your face more than he looks at your body

Your body might be his wonderland but he still looks at your face like he is seeing it for the first time! *blush*

8. He compliments your brains as much as your beauty

“You’re beautiful” could still be his go-to compliment. But he compliments your ideas, actions and the way you live your life and appreciates the choices you make.

9. He is patient around you

He isn’t pushy about things, neither does he get annoyed when you don’t feel comfortable with something, both physically and emotionally. He understands and respects your space and he knows you do the same!

10. He likes to take initiative and make plans

Whether it’s a movie night or a walk in the park, he is always figuring out ways to meet whenever you both can. Both of you love doing things together to get to know each other better. After all, understanding one another is the key to a great relationship.

11. He doesn’t care what you are wearing

Or whether you got waxed recently. The obsession with physical appearances reduces once you really get to know each other. All he cares about now is that you are there with him!


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