Uganda security bosses warned Ugandans against social media usage

Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola has warned Ugandans especially social media users and those in media fraternity against causing panic among the general public by spreading false information to the public. Ochola made the remarks during the security press briefing at Naguru where he was flanked by top security bosses and updated the country about the health of Kyadondo East legislator hon Bobi Wine.

The press conference was attended by Chief of Defense Forces General David Muhoozi, Commissioner General of Prison Johnson Byabashaija, Deputy IGP Muzeeyi Sabiiti among  Ochola said people were spreading false information against him stating that he has resigned his position following Arua incident which resulted into arrest and severe torture of some members of parliament.

“I want to inform people who use social media that they should stop circulating fear in the public. Someone made a tweet saying I had resigned. How can a whole IGP write to the President that he wants to resign? I don’t want to resign, please.” Ochola stated.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said media and social media have been spreading a lot of disinformation to the public without carrying out due diligence. “Before Bobi Wine was brought to court, you the media & social media said he had died. When he was presented in court, was he dead? Why are you causing panic among members of the public?” Ofwono wondered.

The Chief of Defense Forces General David Muhoozi asked the general public to stop circulating fake pictures on social media emphasizing that such behavior destabilizes the economic growth of the country.

“Those who were posting fake pictures on social media need to stop. Let’s be responsible, don’t play around with the security of your country. Exercise your duty in the right manner.” Muhoozi said. He asked the public to allow security personnel to carryout the duties without interference.


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