How My Private Parts Were Electrocuted, Tied And Pulled On Kayihura’s Orders – Tortured Kaweesi Suspect Speaks Out, Asks Kaka To Chop Off Kale’s Balls

A few days after former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi was assassinated, a number of suspects were arrested to help police with the investigations. Among those arrested included Ahmed Ssenfuka a local farmer in Kayunga Mukono district. While narrating his ordeal, Senfuka told our reporter that he was arrested by operatives from the police flying squad Unit which was commanded by Herbert Muhangi.

Upon his arrest, he was moved to Nalufenya  detention centre which used to handle high profile criminals and suspects in high profile cases during Kayihura’s tenure as police chief. Ssenfuka says that while in Nalufenya, he met Kayihura on two occasions, during one of the meetings, he met Kayihura at 1:00am, he asked him to accept that he was in the plot to kill Kaweesi.

He adds that Kayihura promised him heaven on earth if he accepted that he killed or knows who killed Kaweesi. However, when he was taken back to the cells to think about the general’s proposal, he confided to one of his friends he trusted most about his meeting with Kale and what he was offered. His friend advised him not to risk since his yes would mean life imprisonment. He adds that in the next meeting, he refused the offer and when Kayihura left, he started experiencing the Nalufenya hell.

“It’s true Kayihura met me and promised me cars and houses to accept that I killed Kaweesi but I refused. I thought he was doing his investigations and would do nothing to me but when I refused his offer, his men began brutalizing me,” Ssenfuka narrates. He says that his private parts were electrocuted, tied with wires and pulled. He adds that his eyes were also sprayed with pepper and he was caned daily. Other torture acts were done on him daily.

He adds that he was saved by human rights organisations who intervened in the matter and he was moved from Nalufenya to Luzira. Ssenfuka states that a few hours before they were moved to Luzira, one of the flying squad operatives made a call to Kampala and within a few minutes, a van carrying other Kaweesi suspects entered Nalufenya.

He says, “we were six people who were arrested over Kaweesi assassination but on the day, we were moved to Luzira, we were joined by some other people we did not know who travelled with us. One of them told us that he had married a sister to Henry Tumukunde’s wife. Surprisingly, when we reached Luzira, these guys were known and this is when we learnt that the guys we moved with from Nalufenya to Luzira were spying on us and had a mission to end my life in case I raised my tongue and said what Kayihura had asked me to do.”

He adds that later, one of them confided to them that they were sent to spy on them.


Senfuka says that he still receives nightmares of what he went through in Nalufenya. He adds that he pins the former police boss for is current predicament and even if they detain him for years in Makindye, it won’t wipe away his tears and the pain he is going through after the Nalufenya incident.

Ssenfuka says his dream right now is to be allowed to pay a visit to the man (Kale) who ordered his torture well knowing he was innocent. Ssenfuka also asked ISO boss to chop off Kayihura’s balls if possible or hand him over to relatives and friends of the Muslims his regime tortured innocently. Kaweesi was killed on 17th March 2017 together with his body guard and driver a few meters from his home in Kulambiro a Kampala suburb.


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