Former Minister Matembe Likens Bobi Wine To Jesus, Warns Museveni: Don’t Be Like King Herod Who Tried To Kill Jesus

The Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) under the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative have condemned the manner in which some Members of Parliament (MPs) and Ugandans are being handled by the regime, and called upon the Ugandan government to let Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine free.

While addressing the media at their offices in Kampala, in response to the letter that was written by president Museveni yesterday concerning the health of MPs Francis Zaake (Mityana Municipality) and Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Kyandondo East), former ethics and integrity minister Miria Matembe said that the president’s claims that Zaake escaped from a detention facility and police is looking for him clearly shows that he is out of his mind.

“You should stop lying to Ugandans, enough is enough. I personally talked to Barbie Itungo the wife to Hon Bobi Wine, and while shading tears she told me that her husband was not in a good condition, now the president lies to Ugandans that he is in good condition, you should stop lying to Ugandans,” Matembe warned.

Miria Matembe also advised the president not to behave like King Herod in the bible who was told that any new born baby boy will be the next king and he decided to kill all the new born babies targeting Jesus Christ. Matembe added that Harold wasted his time because his target, Jesus Christ was not killed. She warned that Bobi Wine won’t die and he will come out strong no matter the situation he is now. Matembe told president that he is no longer Ssaabalwanyi because he has turned into Ssaabasi.

Isabella Akiteng from FEMME FORT asked government to distance itself from some of the acts of their security operatives by prosecuting all those who tortured Ugandans in Arua. She also requested for dialogue to avoid events that will take the country back to the old days. While giving a keynote address, former researcher at Makerere University Dr. Stella Nyanzi called upon Ugandans to start acting rather than hiding.

“We all have drivers, we leave them in cars and we go and do other things, how can you find someone’s son shot dead? Bobi wine’s driver had a mother, mothers and children suffer a lot in any violence. I think enough is enough, we are going to liberate this country ourselves.” Stella Nyanzi, who was shedding tears charged.

However, the Executive Director of NGO Forum Richard Sewakiryanga asked all political leaders including the president to embrace all efforts geared towards ensuring lasting peace in Uganda. He added that the National Dialogue process will be an opportunity for all Ugandans to discuss the past and current differences and arrive at a national consensus on how to manage the country’s future challenges.


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