Gulu Chief Magistrate says jailed MPs were charged in errors

Gulu Chief Magistrate who charged Arua municipality MP elect Kassiano Wadri and 32 others has asked the state to relocate the case were four members of parliament were charged with treason. Mr Francis Matenga Dawa in his letter dated 17th August 2018 has asked Gulu High Court for advice stating that that the suspects were charged before him in errors.

Dawa stated that the case were the suspects were accused of fall under the jurisdiction of the Arua High Court since it is area where the alleged crime was committed. He wrote to seek guidance on the matter as per the constitution.

“I therefore, place the matter before you for guidance and directives under the sections 48 and 50 of criminal procedures to examine the record for appropriate orders.” his letters reads in parts.

He stated that he has written the letter after examining the files of the accused and realised that the matter fall before Arua Chief Magistrate Court and Arua High Court.


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