General Muntu reveal the source of guns found at Bobi Wine hotel room

Former army commander General Mugisha Muntu has said that the police and other security operatives has planted the evidence as mean of detaining Bobi Wine for long time in prison. He blasted the security operatives for lacking professional discipline by beating up the suspects with aim of sidelining the opponents. He also blamed the government of Yoweri Museveni of militarization of the country politics.

“But the regime under panic is trying to plant evidence on people they want to incarcerate. How do you claim that you found weapons on them and then take them to military court? Unless it was pre-planned to cost Kasiano Wadri the election.” Muntu said. Muntu added that the same plot was used in Jinja East with aim of denying Paul Mwiru the election victory. He revealed that several Mwiru’s supporters were arrested as a means of intimidating Mwiru’s voters from coming out to cast their ballots.

The former Forum for Democratic Change party president reveals that the acts of planting evidences has been used by the NRM government for long time with a sole objective of silencing the opposition and regime critics. He wondered how the Bobi Wine could have left the guns in his rooms and opt to attack the president using a mere stone.

He warned the security personnel against being used by the  warning that they would be held personally liable for their acts. He thanks the people of Arua municipality for being bold and sending clear message to Museveni stating that, Kasiano Wadri win was a clear signal to the regime that people no longer want them and should do Ugandans favor and quit.

The former bush war fighter wondered why only state owned media were invited to witness the parading the guns and ammunition allegedly found at Bobi Wine hotel room.


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