Stop using people power slogan because it is NRM slogan – Lumumba cautions Bobi Wine

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General Kasule Lumumba has cautioned musician Bobi Wine against using the slogan people power. While giving the updates on Arua Municipality by-election loss, Lumumba said Bobi Wine and group should desist from the slogan saying it belong to NRM

“That saying should be used by NRM because people love NRM party so much.” Lumumba stated. Speaking on the loss the ruling party candidate Nusura Tiperu suffered in the election Lumumba said the violence that took place on Monday 13th July two days before election scared away many NRM voters.

“We were expecting much votes from Women in Arua. Women were supposed to vote for our candidate in Arua but they were scared by the violance that took place a day before.” Lumumba added. Lumumba further added that the internal contradictions which resulted from bad primaries in the municipality also led to the loss in the election.

NRM Electoral Commission Dr Tanga Odoi has however dismissed Lumumba statement saying she has failed to do her work. “I have said this time and again, Lumumba is not a good mobilizer and she is responsible for the loss the party is suffering.” Odoi aserted.

Odoi enchoed that, Lumumba has taken over electoral commission role yet she doesn’t have knowledge in organising an election and should be held responsible for Arua Municipality by-election loss.


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