Should They Murder Your Bobi, We Shall Also Murder Them – Doctor Stella Nyanzi Writes To Barbie

Dear Barbie Wine Kyagulanyi: Mukwano wesibe bbiri ogume era onywere. Be strong. Take courage! Organise instead of agonise. Collect all your energies and resources for the battle ahead. This is just the beginning of the difficult struggle ahead of you as you boldly embrace the role of an Opposition First Lady in bitter Uganda.

Speak out! Speak up! Tell the world about Bobby Wine’s plight and oppression under the aged autocrat. Raise your voice and make your demands clear. Demand that the dictatorship gives you back your strong husband. Insist on getting truthful answers about the well-being and human rights of the father of your little children who is in the poisonous hands of Museveni’s fixers that serve him as his true proxy killers. Do not be silenced. Do not be censored. Do not be gagged. Do not be editted. Bukyanga oyogera Barbie, ku luno yogera obutakoowa, okutuusa nga Bobbie akomyewo.

Barbie, Museveni is a shameless cold-blooded murderer. I need not remind you about the kilometers of names of massacred, butchered, murdered, gunned down, strangled, beaten to death, poisoned, hit and run, disappeared individuals and groups whose life was snuffed out by this murderer or on his direct orders. The minute he notices a rising opponent that is loved by the oppressed and violated masses suffering the brunt of his despotic misrule, he plots and plans for their subjugation or total annihilation. Museveni is such a cowardly megalomaniac that Bobbie’s unpredictable popularity scares the shit out of his plan to be life-president of Uganda. And he has a litany of brutish baby-murderers dying to bleed your courageous husband to death.

Do not fear the murderous vermin! Should he murder your Bobbie, we shall demand for his murdering life too. We shall take his tooth for each of Bobbie’s teeth knocked out in jail. We shall pluck out his eye for each of Bobbie’s eyes dug out of their socket. We shall bobbit him if he cuts off Bobbie’s penis. We shall blow apart his leadership if he kills Bobbie’s leadership before it takes root. Do not fear the murderer because if he is foolish enough to kill your Bobbie, we shall pour onto the streets and show him the true meaning of People Power. Totya gutujju ogwo. Nekagutanda okwemamaza negutta Bobbie, tujakugulaga obukaali n’obukambwe bwaffe abagukoowa!

Thank you for sharing Bobbie with us. He is not only our Mubanda wa Kabaka, but also our Bad Bobby Wine, Ghetto President, MP and Leader Par Excellence of the People Power Movement. Bobbie lives in our hearts for he inspires many to either freshly join or else renew their commitment to the liberation struggle. We shall not allow him to become a martyr under Mukaabya Mutujju Museveni.

And so, speak up Barbie. The oppressed and violated masses of Uganda applaud you. We are behind you. We will uphold, defend and support you as and when the need arises. We shall stand with you as we watch the treason charges brought against Bobbie drop and die!

Give my regards to your children, household members and other relatives directly affected by Bobbie’s detention inside the leopard’s underbelly.

Aluta continua!


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