An Attack on the President is Unacceptable – Police Breaks Silence on Arua Shooting of Bobi Wine’s driver

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima has blamed the Monday evening shooting in Arua on an attack on President Museveni’s motorcade by “hooligans” at Prisons Cell in Arua Municipality. Kawuma was shot and killed by Police in a campaign rally on Monday evening. He was driving Bobi Wine’s car.

Bobi Wine, together with a couple of other politicians were in Arua to rally support for independent candidate Kasiano Wadri who seeks to replace Ibrahim Abiriga who was killed a few months back. President Museveni was also in Arua and campaigned for Campaign for NRM’s Nusura Tiperu ahead of Wednesdays Arua Municipality by-election.

According to Kayima, President Museveni was leaving Boma Grounds in Arua when one his lead cars was attacked and smashed by “hooligans” that were donning colours of Kassiano Wadri. “Security forces quickly intervened to calm down the situation as many were pelting stones to the convoy of the president, which is unacceptable,” Kayima in a audio statement that this website has received.

“unfortunately in the scuffle, one person was fatally injured in motor vehicle UAT 416K , a Tundra,” he added. Kayima further stated that he cannot confirm whether the injured person is dead as he awaits communication from doctors.

Although the police spokesperson says the identity of the shot person is not yet known, it has been established that his name is Yasin Kawuma. Kayima says Kassiano Wadri’s supporters intended to harm the President.


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