Singer Fille Suffers From Deadly nonstop flue while On European Tour

Apparently we are all aware that local musician Fille Mutoni is on a European tour where she has so far now spent over more-than a week. However, news reaching us indicates that the singer is suffering from a deadly cold. And her healthy status is not that much worryingly terrible. But the ‘Sabula’ singer is more than determined to on keep pushing as she has resisted the cold to put her down as we always hear from our white friends who get to sick beds because of  colds.

The singer went on and vowed that despite the cold giving her nonstop nose bruises, she won’t stop until her mission is complete as she had to perform for her fans who are based in Denmark.

Fillemusicug Europe!! You have been good me, except you left my nose bruised with this nonstop flue . That wont stop me from giving the best tonight !!!! Denmark Stand Up …… am with you shortly,

She wrote on her Instagram.

Reportedly, Fille is having some good time with manager who also doubles as  husband Edwin Katamba aka Mc Kats a celebrated events emcee and television personality and we hope she’s no longer now complaining about missing her daughters daddy as rumors had in corridors.

With Fille vowing to keep the alive, this has left us wondering whether its just the whites who are weak or are our bodies justice so resistant to their such diseases that we don’t normally take as serious back home.

Anyway, File quick recovery as you chase those dimes and keep the hustle going strong after all Mc Kats is by your side so no worry’s any more.


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