Bobi Wine to recruit NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba in his 2021 team

The latest report emerging from the opposition corridor indicates that certain group of opposition members are planning of luring ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party Secretary General Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba into opposition. The plan is being hatched by those who do not believe in the leadership of Dr. Kizza Besigye and want Kyadondgo East member of parliament Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssemtamu popularly known as Bobi Wine to contest against Museveni come 2021.

The group is being headed by Mugisha Muntu and other FDC elders like Amanya Mushega, Augustine Ruzindana and many opposition MPS. The group is planning to send a delegation of trusted individuals to Lumumba with aim of trying to convince the iron lady from Bugiri who has not been enjoying her current position due to continuous attacks from NRM party Electoral Commission prof Tanga Odoi to join opposition.

The group further believes that Bobi Wine has the capacity and all it takes to defeat president Museveni in an election even if it not free and fair because he has huge supports especially among the youths who makes up the majority population of Uganda.

They also believe that Besigye is also still needed so they are planning at maintaining him as FDC flag bearer while backing Bobi Wine in the new party to be formed soon with the hope of denying president Museveni 50% + 1 votes majority hence forcing rerun.

The plan is likely to be unveil in few months from now.  As of now, the group has put special committee to study and analyze the reasons why the former Prime Minister Amama  Mbabzi failed miserably in 2016 elections.

The group also believe that the popularity of Bobi Wine will attract many bigshots within the NRM to join the opposition and many FDC MPs who were left out of recent opposition cabinet reshuffle are planning to openly embrace the ideas and officially quit FDC for the new party is likely to be formed soon.

The group further hope that, the massive supports received by Bobi Wine throughout the country cannot be estimated and can be capitalize on to win the presidency especially after beating of Besigye and Museveni in recent by-election in Bugiri municipality.

Bobi Wine who has not publicly attacked the leadership of any political party except NRM is believed to be uniting factor for all opposition parties and it is hoped that his presence on the ballot will encourage many Ugandans who have lost trust in election processes in Uganda to turn up and vote come 2021.


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