Opposition coalition announced grand plan to kick FDC out of Uganda politics

The shadow Minister of Internal Affairs and also Butambala constituency member of parliament Hon Muwanga Kivumbi has said he has terminated his relationship with Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party. While speaking on CBS radio on Wednesday this week, Kivumbi said he has already informed FDC Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi to communicate to party leadership not to reappoint him in any opposition cabinet. He added that FDC has become very unpredictable and he is tired of living under constant fear of possible sacking.

He claimed that the National Executive Committee of FDC has taken over the party roles warning that if they are not careful with how they running the affairs of FDC, they will most likely end up being divided like his own party the Democratic Party. He stressed that he want to use the few months to prepare for his re-election as member of parliament in the upcoming 2021 general election.

He expressed optimism that the current reunion of DP and emergence of Bobi Wine will enable other political parties to kick FDC out of Uganda politics come 2021. He explained that come 2021 FDC will not have the majority in parliament and he will serve as shadow cabinet appointed by new political party as opposed to the current arrangement were FDC control the arena of opposition in parliament leaving everyone at its mercy.

Kivumbi is one of the several members of parliament who have openly said they are no longer interested in serving in shadow cabinet appointed by Patrick Amoriat Oboi.

His statement comes days after a group of opposition held secret meeting at Fang Fang hotel in Kololo with aims of establishing new pressure group that will officially be registered as political party come 2021.

The group are trying to lure Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi to contest as the new party flag bearer come 2021. President Museveni had earlier in 2016 said he will wipe out all oppositions in Uganda and with current divisions in oppositions, his dream is likely to come true.


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