READ: How Bryan White survives Being killed in Arua as chao disrupted his event

Arua town last Friday 3rd  July was scene of teargas and live bullets as police battle to disperse youths that became violent during the the launch of Brian White foundation. The function took place at Arua Hill Grounds was attended by several Kampala socialites and musicians.

The event came to premature end after disagreement emerged among different groups of youths on how to share the money which was being dissed out by Bryan White. The disappointed youths started pelting Bryan White members with stones forcing some people to run for dear life.

Police were quick to respond to prevent the situations from going out of hand and started firing bullets and teargas dispersing everyone who had gathered. One man in late 30s were seriouslyinjured by the gunshot on his left leg and was rushed to Arua hospital.

Bryan White together with his members which included Zari Ntale were taken away by police as angry people wanted to lynch them. Dozens of properties including plastic chairs, tables, plates were broken down by angry youths.

Traffic and businesses in Arua were paralysed as the rowdy youths took charge of the town. Bryan White has been camping in Arua since last week on Saturday distributing billions of shillings to several groups as means of fighting poverty among the people.

Police said the fracas was caused by thugs who wanted to cause havoc so that they loot some of items being distributed. The commotion lasted for about two hours as residents combed the town hunting for Bryan White and his crew.


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