Gen Muntu sent a shocking message to FDC leaders as tension escalates

Forum for Democratic Change former Party President has on Wednesday yesterday sent a shock silent message to his party when he went against the party rule he helped to make by campaigning for an independent candidate kasiano Wadri Ezati in Arua municipality bye-election.

It is important to remember that, During Muntu tenure as a party president, a rule made to bar party member from supporting non-party candidate in any election. While in Arua town, Muntu was seen waving FDC ‘V’ sign to Wadri’s supporters during the procession through the town.

At the rally he told voters to trust their votes with Wadri because he is tested and trusted leader who cannot be wished away. He told voters to shun FDC candidate Bruce Musema and rally their supports behind Wadri.

Wadri who was former Terego county member of parliament lost in FDC party primaries and decided to contest as an independent in a poll that has attracted 13 candidates.

Since losing an election as FDC party president, there was a rumor that Muntu was planning to form his own party. The rumor escalated following the reshuffle of opposition cabinet last week. The reshuffle saw majprity of pro Muntu MPs dropped from the shadow cabinet.

With Muntu’s decision to back an independent candidate against his own party candidate, chances are high that, he is soon officially announcing the formation of his own political party. Arua municipality seat fell vacant following the brutal assassination of Ibrahim Abiriga in June this year and the election is scheduled 13th for this month.


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