Struggling Qute Kaye reportedly switches back to smoking weed

The liable info reaching our news desk, struggling singer Qute Kaye who goes by real names of Kawuma Ivan has decided to tune back the recent beat of smoking weed he was dancing too despite it nearly costing his life.

According to undisclosed eye witnesses, the ‘Binkeese’ singer has resorted back to his previous weed smoking spot around Total Petrol station in Mengo together with his famously known gang.  Qute nearly got beaten-up by local people in Busega recently in May after being caught stealing vehicle headlights.

This cracked a serious campaign in the country to help Qute who was struggling with life for almost five year now. Among the good Samaritan included; Capt. Mike Mukula, Sure Deal Beauty Products, Mama Fina, among others as he was also forced to apologize to the public and promised never engage himself again into use of drugs and gambling activities.

Shockingly, the singer looks to have betrayed his words and people if at all its confirmed that he has switched back to use of drugs.

We will keep you posted


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