Struggling Azizi Mawanda Magically requests for DNA test for Mary Bata’s baby Miller

Self-proclaimed City smart wire one ‘Azizi Mawanda’ continues to ruin life of songstress ‘Mary Bata’ as claims of him fathering the singer’s baby continue. Last month, Azizi jumped into the media and claimed to be the father of singer Mary Bata’s 7 months baby ‘Miller’.

This was so shocking to the entire nation but trembling to Bata’s family which nearly ended her sweet secret hubby. This forced Bata to report the 19 year old city boy to Kibuye Police Station which was preceded by his immediate arrest.

According to the liable, the Azizi has formerly handed-in his request for a DNA test for Mary Bata’s baby. He further promised to apologize to the singer and her entire family if the results prove that he is not the biological father to the baby.

Apparently, Azizi is still under custody at Kibuye Police Station where he was taken last week after Mary Bata filing a case of defamation and malicious damage against.

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