Get something to do and leaves and leave me alone – Judith Babirye tells critics

Uganda gospel singer who doubles as Buikwe member of parliament has come out to comment on ridicules and abuses she has come under following her recent marriage. Babirye told us she has no time for haters and is currently concentrating on making her new lover happy than to think about other people who she said are idle and have nothing to do.

“Tell those people who have been abusing me and calling me all the names to find something to do because I have no time for such people” Babirye said.

She added that she is is not the first to get get married at her age and added that as long as she is happy she has nothing to regret about. “Many people married at even older age than me but people are making it big issue. Did they want me to stay single forever? Any way i have no regrets and my husband is also happy” Babirye added.

Babirye who married fellow legislator hon Ssebulime Musoke Pau who also hailed from the same district have been criticized for abandoning her husband to marry a wealthy member of parliament. Prior their traditional marriage, Babirye Ex-husband  Samuel Niiwo refuted the claims that they have not formerly divorced with the legislator and said added that he still count Babirye as his wife.

On related development, a woman identified  as Nnalongo Lukiya Ntale claims she is official wife of Musoke and labelled Babirye as husband snatcher who took away a father of twin. Despite the allegations the duo went ahead and formalized their marriage and are currently enjoying their new life and husband and wife.


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