About us

The website features both current e-news and a variety of entertainment and all musical styles, mostly from both East Africa and beyond, our goal is to build an audience that enjoys listening to the latest East African musical of all genres and promote East African music and artists within and beyond East African boundaries.


We also have a mobile applications which supports  Iphone 3gs, Iphone 4,  Iphone 4s, IPod touch (3rd generation) IPod touch  (4th generation) ipad  and andrid phones with android  2.2 or later and Black belly and Samsung smart TVs



  • To promote East African music both within and outside East Africa.
  • To promote East African artist both regionally and internationally
  • To promote and preserve the rich melting cultures of East Africa.
  • To create a strong relationship between the East African people living in and outside
  • To educate and sensitize East Africans about their origins and culture.
  • To promote East Africa regions through art and entertainment.
  • To create opportunities to talented East Africans seeking for part time jobs.
  • To entertain East Africans in Diaspora
  • Create revenue for out of Music art and entertainment.
  • Create source of income to the East African Artist through music art and entertainment.
  • To create job opportunity to the people of Rwanda.