Struggling Runaway Artist Dre Cali Gets New Name After Disappointed Ykee Benda Fired From Mpaka Records.

In his major quest for a musical return, Stephen Andrew Katende a.k.a Dre Cali has rebranded to a new alias just a few weeks before he releases a new music project.

In April 2022, following Dre Cali’s departure from Uganda, Ykee Benda revealed how Mpaka Records owns his alias ‘Dre Cali’ and that was still contractually bound to the label.

Ykee Benda and Dre Cali allegedly no more | Pulse Uganda

“Yes. The name “Dre Cali” is a brand, a trademark, and we own it as Mpaka Records. He still has a running contract with Mpaka,” Ykee said.


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