Teacher Loses Two Teeth After Angry Parent Punches Him For Caning His Child, Police Arrests Him.

A frustrated primary school teacher in Bugweri district is demanding millions from a parent as compensation for assaulting and embarrassing him before his pupils.

The victim Joshua Kapere, a teacher at Idhinda primary school in Namalemba sub-county claims he was attacked by a parent identified as Patrice Tibiita Friday last week.

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A fuming Tibita reportedly stormed the school premises that day and slapped Kapere for flogging his child two hard canes. It is alleged that the child (names withheld) flopped in English homework, hence the canes.

Kapere who has since filed a police report claims an hour after reprimanding the child, Tibita showed up and slapped him in the face several times before dragging him outside to the school compound. The macho man also punched him on the chest and back, something that caused him to be embarrassed in school and outside.

“Tibiita held me by the neck, and slapped my face unsparingly, before forcing me out of the classroom under the watch of crowds, an issue, which has caused me disrespect and gross humiliation in this community,” he said.

Kapere claims the thorough beating caused him to lose two teeth in addition to the psychological trauma he is currently dealing with.

He now wants to be compensated to enable him to foot medical bills and psychological trauma resulting from the incident.

Robert Naabe, the school headmaster says that Kapere is still receiving specialized treatment at Iganga general hospital.

The Busoga East Police Spokesperson, Diana Nandawula says that Tibiita has since handed himself over to Bugweri central police station and has been charge with indecent assault and trespass.

Nandawula says a team of detectives have been assigned the task of obtaining evidence from probable witnesses.


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