So, This One Too Is Ending In Tears And Insults – Ani Alogga Social Media Couples Banange? Cephco Says Bye Bye To Jowie After Calling Her Malaaya

By; Our Reporter; Tik tokers gather slogan superstar is leaving everyone in confusion after announcing breakup with Jowie

The well known cephco has showed how disappointed he is in Jowie after she failed to give testimony on Sheikh umar

It should be remembered that cephco came out and spoke on how sheikh umar has been begging his woman to have jigijigi with her

However, umar came out and demanded for an apology saying all that cephco is saying is a lie

On defeating sheikh umar, cephco decided to go with his wife to police to open up a case and instead of them all agreeing on one things, Jowie dropped the case

This not only pissed off cephco but also decided to call it a quit with Jowie

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