“Yanziba Ssente Zange ate antisatiisa” | Promoter Zaina Accuses Jose Chameleone Of Threatening Her

South African-based music promoter, Zaina Namuwonge is accusing legendary Jose Chameleone of hiring goons to threaten her. Chameleone is currently in South Africa where he is slated to have a show tonight.

Before the show, Zaina says she received threatening phone calls that if something bad happens to chameleon, she will be in trouble. Zaina hit back and told the goons who were threatening her that they shouldn’t take her silence for granted. She says if she wanted to hurt Jose Chameleone, she would have done it when he ‘stole’ her money, refused to fly to South Africa to perform, and later jetted in to perform at another concert.

Due to lots of debts, Zaina says she suffered a stroke and was admitted to Steve Biko Hospital where she is still receiving treatment til now. According to the receipts shared by Zaina, she booked Chameleone to fly to South Africa for a show in 2015 and the ‘Bayuda’ singer failed to show up.

From the receipts accessed by imbaraga radio, Zaina first paid Chameleone 5m on September 26, 2015, and another 5m on October 21, 2015.

She later added him 1m on June 15, 2015, and another 2m on September 17, 2015, all totaling to 18m. To Zaina, she still wants her money and has gone through a lot but prefers to pursue justice through the law.

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