COVID-19 now prevalent among the younger population – Report

By Website Writer; Ministry of Health Uganda’s statistics recorded between 22 May – 4 June 2022 reveal that COVID-19 is now prevalent among the younger population.

According to the Ministry of Health’s statement on Wednesday, the report indicates that the 30-39 age group is also viable to the lethal COVID-19 infections.

The Health Ministry says that this is caused by the population relaxing the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and also undermining Covid-19 vaccination program.

Surveillance data analyzed between 22 May and 4 June 2022 shows the highest COVID-19 infections is among the 30-39 age group. This is attributed to laxity in following SOPs and reluctance to get vaccinated. Don’t be part of this statistic. Mask up and get the jab,” Ministry of Health’s social media statement reads.

The report is contrally to the initial statistics of 2020 that always showed the Covid-19 virus dominating the older age.

This comes in a week after the Ministry announced a hike in the daily reported cases of Covid-19 cases in the country after almost 5months.

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