I Have Even Never Admired A Housefly – How Can You Think I Forcefully Pushed Sheebah Into Okwegadanda Naye. Munveeko!! Andrew Mwenda Opens Up.

By; Our Reporter: Journalist andrew mwenda so tired of how people are continuously disrespecting him about sheebahs case

Sheebah karungi recently came out and informed us that some very important guy came into her car and forced her into having sex

This she explains that it’s so ashaming that this man is so respected by many people and a role model to the youth

Andrew mwenda was the first person people suspected and this not only gave him sleepless nights but also disappointed in Ugandans

He says “Am among the people who fight rapists in uganda, how can some one think I intended to rape Sheebah”

What do you think of the case

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