“Bobi Wine Paid For Zuena’s Dowry But Brainless And Ungrateful Bebe Cool Hated Him And Didn’t Even Thank Him.” Angry King Saha Spills Bitter Secrets!!

Top vocalist King Saha has ripped apart the Gagamel boss Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool by spilling his deep secrets of how Bobi Wine allegedly financed his marriage to his beautiful wife Zuena Kirema. Mbu he paid the dowry.

Appearing on an interview, King Saha stated that Bebe Cool is a very bad person who doesn’t wish others any good even after they pour out their hearts to him.

Things Set To Get Bloody Soon As King Saha, Bebe Cool Beef Takes Ugly Twist  – Exposed Uganda

The former Leone Island singer said that the likes of him are going to die earlier and leave Bebe Cool around.

“I really don’t know what’s wrong with that man. He really has a bad heart and doesn’t wish anyone anything good. I want to expose him because I know a lot of things about him. I’m going to do this so that he doesn’t bother the other upcoming generations. This is since he will be around for so long unlike us who will die early since we have a lot of stress and work hard. For him, everything is given to him free of charge, cars and fuel, bursaries for his children. Even the woman he has was married for him. He was given a goat, sugar, and other things for the introduction by my friend. Right now he hates him so much. He has been around for over 20 years and he’s still greedy, I just want to know what is his that I took,” Saha said.

Watch the interview Bebe Cool made about King Saha:

Furthermore, Saha said that Bebe Cool is just a man hanging in the air with nothing credible to his name. He has no love for God, humanity, family, and culture. He will therefore die a nuisance.

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