Mulago hospital head Dr Baterana Byaruhanga arrested by State House

By Website Writer;  Mulago National Referral hospital executive director, Dr. Baterana Byaruhanga has been arrested for unlawful management of the hospital.

Dr. Baterana Byaruhanga

According to respected sources, Dr. Byaruhanga was picked up from Mulago Hospital on Tuesday premises by State House health monitoring unit led by its director Warren Namara for alleged mismanagement of the hospital.

We are querying mismanagement of resources, medicines and equipment at the hospital. As the head of the hospital, he is responsible and we invited him to help us with the ongoing investigations mid last month,” Warren Namara said.

Namara reveals that Dr. Byaruhanga’s arrest follows his failure to honor State House health monitoring unit’s summons.

Byarugaba was appointed by President Museveni replacing Dr. Edward Ddumba 10 years ago.

His appointment followed investigations into corruption allegations and mismanagement by the health monitoring unit that saw the transfer of the then executive director, Dr. Edward Ddumba.

Byarugaba came in with promises of improving services at Mulago hospital and fighting corruption that had perennially bedeviled the institution.

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