Ugandans did not give me a chance to heal – Jackie Chandiru

By Website Writer; Ugandan singer Jackie Chandiru is still saddened by the fact that fellow netizens rushed and frustrated her total recovery.

Jackie Chandiru

The former Blu*3, a female singing group says that Ugandans didn’t give her chance to heal as they often insulted, condemned and judged her despite being in a dire health condition.

Jackie who has just returned in the country also asserts that the frustration forced her to flee to Kenya to have a relief.

Ugandans did not give me a chance to heal. When they saw pictures of me in a really bad state, they insulted me and it made my situation worse. This is why I have spent a lot of time in Kenya. But I never lost the love for Uganda,” Jackie Chandiru said while on a local TV.

Jackie Chandiru has had an unstable music career since 2016 when she was reported to have suffered drug addiction.

Her recovery has also been scanty despite her family and friends’ heavy investment in her medication.

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